Automated & Motorized Shade In Phoenix, AZ

motorized shade

SOMFY Motorized Shade

Your retractable awnings and shade products becomes easier to use and more enjoyable with a SOMFY motorized shade. Meaning, you’ll use them more often. You control light and shade at the touch of a button! Cool any deck, patio, terrace or balcony on demand. Choose from Wall-switch or new Remote-control operation.

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SOMFY Automated Shade

Enjoy hands-off, automatic sun control with SOMFY fully automated systems. Sun and Wind sensing systems extend shade products when sunlight is present, and retract them automatically during windy conditions prevent product damage. Ideal for controlling interior sunlight, glare, and temperature.

SOMFY Sun & Wind Sensors

  • Maintain constant monitoring of sunlight to automatically extend the awning based on the sun’s intensity.
  • Monitor wind conditions which retracts products automatically to prevent damage.

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